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I didn’t just get up one morning and say to myself “I think I’ll start blogging today”! I thought about it for at least a week! So why have I chosen to write one? Does it matter? Writers should write, and not just in their own comfort zones. My comfort zone – though not an easy one to survive in – is writing for children … getting inside their heads, living their lives, seeing and hearing and feeling as they do.

But to blog is to write for adults and I don’t even know if I have an adult voice … I mean other than the how-to articles I write for Creative Writer’s Notebook! Can I be creative in journaling for everyone on the planet to read? Perhaps this is the reason for blogging – at least for my blogging. I need to find that adult voice and speak for myself for a change. We’ve got lots to talk about on this quest – family, music, writing, travel, and oh so much more. Want to join me on the journey? You are welcome to come along.

One last word before we begin – my motto in the realm of writing critique is “first do no harm.” Okay, not original, but still appropriate. So go ahead and make any comments you care to make … I can take it … but play nice!


§ 7 Responses to About My Blog

  • Vanessa Russell says:

    Excellent idea to blog, Mary, and for the right reasons – in finding your adult voice and in sharing what you’ve found – rather than using this as a platform to talk amongst yourselves and characters as I’ve seen some writers do. Will be happy to share my own pro-found thoughts with you as well … well, as soon as my two grand-girls go back to Ohio and I can finally sit down with my beloved laptop. Vanessa

  • David says:

    Sister, I think you may have found your niche! Just promise that you won’t start sending me in invoice once a month to pay for it! LOL
    Much success and all my love!

  • kimberlee esselstrom says:

    Mary, great minds think alike, ha! While my (computer geek) son is in town I’ve asked him to help bring me into the new year with a website and blog. It’s still in the works but your wonderful blog has given me inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your writer-ly thoughts. Thanks too, for your help in setting up and visiting the Mount Dora SCWBI (Lake Squibbie) critique group. ~ Kimberlee

  • Merilee says:

    As I have not been here for awhile I am delighted that you still have my email address.
    This blog is a wonderful idea and a generous gift. Thank you

  • Jane Ellen Freeman says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. As I, too, am just getting started, I appreciate the link to my own blog. Maybe now someone will actually read it and leave comments. See you in Miami for SCBWI Florida conference. Jane

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