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December 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

12 21 2012 ... Hmmm

12 21 2012 … Hmmm

Today is the day that the Mayan calendar ends and so does the world … so some people say. I’ve been amazed to see how many “survivalists” are out there, building homes into the sides of mountains—back to caveman days?—stockpiling freeze dried foods—have you tasted that stuff?—and buying up automatic and semi-automatic weapons of war to protect themselves from  … from what?

I don’t know what you think, but if the world ends today, no one is going to need food or weapons or holes in the ground to live in. We just won’t be here!

And then there are those like the spiritualist (from Sedona?) last night on Diane Sawyer who believes the world isn’t going to end. Instead, she believes that special “forces” are going to merge and the world will immediately change … for the better. She’s down in Maya land right now doing that “voo-doo” she “do” (my apologies to Cole Porter) to welcome the new world.

Call me an optimist, but I will stand with the spiritualist … well … sort of! And not too close!

CHOCOLATESTherefore, in honor of this day, I choose to stay above ground, eat chocolate, and watch all my favorite movies until midnight. Of course, I’ll take time out to watch Baylor Men’s Basketball play BYU (in Waco). I do that on my laptop if it’s not televised nationally. Sic ’em Bears!

Hmmm, that is indeed a strange bucket list. But if today is THE day … “TEotW” (The End of the World) … I don’t have time for much else. Actually, I don’t have time for the world to end either. I don’t think the Mayans thought about that. How inconsiderate of them to choose today of all days and during this season, too!

Christmas presentsI still have Christmas presents to buy, and I’ve promised myself to finish editing Linda’s book. This one doesn’t need a lot of line editing, nor does it need structural editing. It’s a joy to work on a book like this, and I plan to finish it by tomorrow.

Tomorrow, my sis and I are driving to Eustis to get our hair cut. It takes about 45 minutes through orange-grove and cattle country. We often see eagles on that route, maybe even some Sandhill Cranes and … dare we hope … a Whooping Crane? Think we’ll stop by to see Peggy on the way back. I have a few Louis L’Amour novels to give her. She loves westerns and these are my favorites, too. However, I don’t need the paperbacks. I have them all loaded onto my Kindle.

We’re going Brasileiro tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday (actually, I was born on Dec 23, but that’s Sunday this year and we’re doing the Christmas cantata at church) with a wonderful meal at Ipanema’s Churrascaria! Mmm Mmm, GOOD.

Next come Christmas Eve and Day and a New Braunfels Smokehouse ham for lunch. Then Bowl games all next week … the world can’t end before we know who the pundits think is number one … it wouldn’t dare! And you know which team I’ll be rooting for next Thursday night!


And we just ordered tickets for a Yankee / Detroit pre-season baseball game on March 23 – we can’t miss that! Or the Flower and Garden Festival, or the Food and Wine Festival (both at EPCOT). And I certainly must attend the Fiction Among Friends Women’s Writers Retreat next November …

Nope. Not today or next year. The Mayans will just have to predict another date! I can’t go yet!

Merry Christmas, BTW.


§ 4 Responses to My Bucket List

  • Vanessa Russell says:

    So true – I’m not ready to go either. I’m not even ready for Christmas. And I know a fella in Ontario who truly believes in the Mayan ending. Wonder what he’s doing today … I can only hope that he’s thanking God for more time and remembering the Bible saying that not even the angels know the exact day….well, back to my short story for the contest, time is running out for that at least. And your blog reminded me that time is running out for holiday shopping, too! Merry Christmas, Mary Lois!

  • Someone said, if the world doesn’t end on December 21st there will be a lot of Mayans out Christmas shopping on the 22nd.

    Happy Birthday MLS!

  • Snell says:

    Convergence in Sedona; alien-welcoming committee in France; shaman in Palenque; elderly line dancers in the Villages. We all celebrated the un-ending of the world in our own way today. As a friend reminded me this evening, “That’s the worst apocalypse yet.” And haven’t we lived through a lot of them lately? Think I’ll have a chocolate and get back to my editing.

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