A Day in My Renovation Journal

January 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

My Heart is Racing, Pounding! My ears are RINGING!

Plastic Protection!

No, I’m not having a heart attack. The contractors are taking the two sets of sliding doors down between the “old” living room/dining room and the new Florida room.

I think a little onomatopoeia is appropriate!

Buzzzzzzzzzzz! (is that a small jack-hammer I hear?)

Blat! Rumble! GRRRR! (loosening the calking and mortar?)

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle and twist (taking the doorframes down now!)

Plink! Plunk! Plonk! (falling plaster, nails, aluminum frames – concrete? Yikes!)

Quiet now – except for:

“What did you do to my broom? That’s new!”

“It was bent that way the other day.”

“XXXXX­!!!!” (and a few choice words I NEVER use!)

Insulation in!

Different from the insulation guys. They were so quiet I never even heard them!

The fun of renovation projects lies in the buying-stuff expeditions! Since Christmas, Tom and I have bought:

– Three ceiling fans with lights—two for indoors, one for the new lanai (over the swim-spa);

– Five sconces—three for outside the new doors, two for inside the lanai giving light to the swim-spa)

– 600 square feet of tile flooring (or there abouts)—with another bunch bought and stored for when we get around to replacing the vinyl flooring in the living room/dining room/kitchen great room and have to match it with the new floor in the Florida Room! (Sooner than later, I hope.)


We have also spent engrossing hours with:

The Electrician—where, oh where, to place the electrical outlets and new switches?

The Air/Heat guy—which ductless AC/Heat unit will fit code, and where will it be placed?

New Arch

The Sheetrock guys—how low do we need to go for the arch over the openings (where the two sliding doors used to be) from the “old house” to the “new addition.” We decided that the “old arches” (in the rest of the house) aren’t uniform, so no need for the “new arches” to be! They are putting these in NOW!

The new garage back door looks good, even without paint! This one has a window and screen so that we get cross-ventilation in the garage all summer. Whoopee!

Hammer, hammer, hammer!

Sheetrock guys

They are sheet-rocking the lanai now! According to the plan, they will finish putting up the sheetrock in the Florida Room this week. Then it’s brick laying, plaster, finish, paint and clean up—the plastic sheeting must stay up for about two weeks, or will it be three?

Drill, drill, driiiiiiiillllllllll!

Tylenol Time!

Time we started thinking about how we will furnish the new space, too. It surely is much larger than I envisioned. Ah! Another shopping expedition in the works, I think!

Stay tuned. This is going to be good!


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