A Lame Duck!

September 16, 2011 § 9 Comments

In olden days, a “lame duck congress” referred to that time between an election and the seating of the new congress, when the congress-people voted out still held the seats, but did nothing much of anything. After all, they would soon be supplanted by the victors … why bother?

Lame Ducky

An outgoing president also found himself in a state of lame-duckness, whether he was at the end of his two elected terms, or just not re-elected for a second term—this was especially true if the House or Senate was controlled by the other party! No matter what he did, or tried to do, nothing much happened in those two-plus months between the Second Tuesday of November and the January Inauguration.

However, I’ve been observing the State of our Union, and I’ve come to the conclusion that “lame duck season” now begins when the presidential candidate processions hit the road … as in RIGHT NOW … and the next elections are 14 months away!

At this very moment, Republican presidential candidates are engaged in caucusing and debating and jockeying for positions in the polls to determine who will run against Obama next year. Obviously, the Republicans want to win the election, but this time they seem particularly bent on getting Obama out – no matter the cost. In support of this, it would seem that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives has no intention of doing any serious legislating until after they’ve won the 2012 presidential election. This puts us in a LONG “lame duck session”, one we can’t afford!

If the last paragraph isn’t enough of a hint, I will say here that I’m a registered Democrat—a moderate Democrat, to be sure, but still a Democrat. There are a lot of us out here, too. We sit just to the left of the dividing line between the Red zone and the Blue zone, and wonder what our country is coming to when so many extreme right or left candidates think only of upping their party agendas instead of giving positive voice and action to bolstering the people – economically, healthfully, emotionally.

Although some candidates would like to abolish it, I am a First Amendment advocate. All candidates have a right to voice their opinions on their favorite issues, just as I have a right to speak out if I don’t agree, and I speak out best with my vote.

I will not
vote for a candidate who advocates a one-issue-only platform—anti-abortion, anti-gays, anti-Obama … at any cost!

I will not
vote for a candidate who refuses to acknowledge his/her own party’s culpability in the economic woes we now face.

I will not
vote for a candidate who is so out of touch with the rest of America that he/she will advocate the abolishment of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

[I often wonder why these candidates and their supporters don’t take this “back to the good old days” rhetoric to its logical conclusion and advocate abolishing ALL social programs—minimum wage, military health and retirement plans, pension plans, work sponsored healthcare insurance. Oh, and let’s do reinstitute the 12-hour work day, and laws that allow children to work in factories instead of go to school.]

I will vote
for representatives who can see both sides of all issues, work together in Congress to solve these issues, and represent me when they vote legislation that affects my life and the lives of all Americans.

I will vote
for representatives who believe in helping Americans get jobs, survive disasters, retain freedoms, and share responsibilities for those less fortunate.

I will vote
for representatives who will bite the bullet and seal the loop holes that allow big business to gouge profits while cutting jobs and raising prices on goods made outside this country.

If that means raising taxes on the ultra rich, so be it.

If that means legislating benefits for corporations that keep their manufacturing in the US and give jobs to our citizens, so be it!

If that means spending my tax dollars to put Americans to work rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of our nation, so be it!

I want candidates to tell me what they are for, not what they are against. I want them to tell me how they will vote to make all lives in America better, not just keep some Americans in clover while others suffer (isn’t that how the French Revolution got started?).

But it won’t really matter what the candidates say or promise, if we don’t exercise our right to vote. On election night, it’s common to hear that, out of the 25K voters in such-n-such precinct, only 10% voted that day. What a waste of a precious freedom. What an abdication of our civil responsibility!

The Ballot Box

One election day in the 70s, I stopped by the precinct to vote in a local election—school board, commissioners, district attorney. I voted for the candidate I thought best for DA – the incumbent. Mother liked him, too, and when he didn’t win re-election, she kept complaining—what were the people of our county thinking?

I asked, “Mother, did you vote today?”

“Well, no, I’m on a deadline with my editor…”

“Then you have no right to complain!” I said.

It’s a simple truth … if we don’t vote, we lose our right to complain about the result!

So, I’ll be voting Democrat next year. Tom will be voting Republican I imagine. That’s okay. We still love each other even when we cancel out each other’s votes. The important thing is – WE WILL VOTE!

Thus endeth the harang!

Thank you for listening … I just had to get that boulder off my back!


§ 9 Responses to A Lame Duck!

  • Bravo MLS! You are preaching to the choir with me I know, but what you say is sensible and not the least bit inflamatory. In order for a democracy to work the electorate has to be engaged and the elected have to work together. This is not a sporting event!

    I hope you don’t mind my doing this, but here is a link to a post on my blog about the gridlock in congress (don’t let the cute little two-headed animal fool you folks).


  • Donna Beard says:

    When United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all aboard, it was done by brave passengers who wanted to save Congressional members from being killed that day at the Capitol bldg.
    Yes, we certainly want to keep idiots alive to rake over the average American citizen. Did we really vote for these men and women? When Congress sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps on 9/11, maybe they should have mouthed God Bless Me because they are only concerned with their own welfare which, by the way, we citizens will be paying for in the years ahead. I vote but do not trust the voting now that it is done by computers. They are easily manipulated.
    My, oh my, I had better stop.

    • Ellie Totten says:

      Donna, I agree with you 100%. I believe a fatal disease has infected our government. First of all, we are NOT a democracy, we are a Republic, (there’s a difference). We need term limits. The egocentric behavior of our presidents and members on Capitol Hill have brought us to this point that threaten the existence of our great nation. Have you ever read about the Weimar Republic?? President Obama speaks well, but he wants a one world governement, and unfortunately, we are headed in that direction. May God bless our country!

      • I agree that we are a republic since we elect representatives to govern for us, Ellie. However, I don’t seem to draw the same connection between the Waimar Republic and Obama’s presidency as you do. I’ve never heard him say, or read any thing he’s written that would indicate he favors a one world government.

        I know there are those who fear that the UN is trying to take over the US and become a world government, but in 50+ years of the UN’s existence they haven’t yet tried and as long as the US pays their bills, they won’t!

        Instead, I fear more a take-over from within – by those who want to dismantle parts of the Constitution to suit themselves and their agendas. Beware of candidates who declare that they would make moves against certain amendments – they are the ones who want to take away our freedoms!

      • Super reply, Ellie!

  • Ellie Totten says:

    I agree there are people within the government that would like to dismantle our constitution. Obama is a puppet and his master is George Soros. He is behind it all, probably laughing, seeing the world in a mess. You should watch some of his interviews – he laughs – thinks it’s fun to collapse a system. He buys the politicians with his money. The Dem. party isn’t what it use to be, and for that matter, neither is the Rep. party.

    • Ellie, I just read the latest on Soros and his views of Obama (CNN interview). His views are not flattering. If there ever was a strong connection there, it’s disconnected now.

      BTW, you’re not going to convince me, nor will I convince you, to change our minds about Obama. So let’s drop it, okay? My blog was about voting and being responsible voters – no matter who you vote for.

  • It does appear that there has not been much governing, but what we see is arrogance and starting wars that are killing our young people, killing
    America’s reputation and running for election. I grew up being given the Ruplican line; studied and decided that Democarats represented the issued that I believe in; now I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off in sending them all home.

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